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John 20:28 – Did Thomas Confess that Jesus IS God?

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John 20:28 What Thomas REALLY confessed

Jesus had clearly explained WHY Thomas said what he said at John 20:28. Unfortunately, that plain fact is completely ignored by Trinitarians for the sake of their doctrinal traditions.

In the context of seeing and believing, Thomas confessed exactly what Jesus had taught him about seeing and believing. The Spirit reminds believers of everything Jesus taught and guides them into all the truth. The wisdom of men is foolishness to God and He catches the wise in their craftiness.

“If I speak truth, WHY DO YOU NOT BELIEVE ME? He who is of God hears the words of God; for this reason you do not hear them, because you are not of God.”
– Jesus Christ

Trinitarian academics have completely failed us. Do not put your trust in earthly men; rather put your trust in Jesus in whom are all the treasures of knowledge and wisdom.

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John 20:28 – My Lord and My God

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John 20:28

The greek grammar for two persons. If you wanted to make it clear in Koine Greek that you are referring to two persons, and not one, ask yourself how would you say it?

Also consider the Greek at John 20:17, one definite article with four following nouns with possessives for the one and same person, God the Father. “The Father of me and Father of you and God of me and God of you.” This is not the construction which Thomas used at John 20:28.

One Person:
The Lord and God of me
The Lord of me and God of me

The construction of John 20:28 :-
Two Persons:
The Lord of me and the God of me

John 12:44-45 :-
My Lord – He who has seen ME
My God – has seen THE FATHER

He who has seen ME – My Lord
has seen THE FATHER – My God

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