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Biblical Unitarianism in Turkey

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İ am a Unitarian and i believe that Jesus was in the mind and in the plan of God and was created
I am a biblical Unitarian too.We the Unitarians do not believe that God is a man or an animal. He is an unseen Spirit. With the teaching of the Ten Commandments we believe in God to be the Spirit.
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Turkish Unitarian Christians- God is greater than everything, everyone comes to Him as a slave. He knows everything (Jesus says God knows and I don’t know). God is always alive, immortal and unseen Spirit (Jesus died and was dead for three days. God cannot die).
If God didn’t send Jesus, there wouldn’t be a person by the name Jesus.
God alone exalted Jesus and He is pleased with him. As a man is a head for his wife and a man’s head is Jesus and Jesus’ head is God. So give glory to the God, Yahweh, who redeemed people. Because we know that God who appointed Jesus as a Savior redeemed us. We the Unitarians underline the fact that it is God who desires and forms everything. Jesus wouldn’t come into existence if God didn’t wish it.

Christian Monotheist

The difference between Biblical unitarians, trinitarians and oneness

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