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Both Trinitarians and Onenessians Are Refined Forms of Gnosticism.

Both Trinitarians and Onenessians are refined forms of Gnosticism. They are thus “Neo-Gnostics.”

Apostolic Believers

By Tom Raddatz of Ohio

Raddatz of Lancaster, Ohio is an avid writer
and teacher of the Apostles’ Doctrine.  Well versed
in the writings and philosophies of the so-called
early church fathers, Tom has written an exhaustive
review of their doctrines, points of view, and how
their writings influence contemporary Christian
thinking and practices.  You can find his book,
God is One and Christ is All, on

Both Trinitarians and Onenessians Are Refined Forms of Gnosticism.

Submitted on Facebook February 14, 2017

The Apostles would be ashamed of the new doctrines
Apparently, the Oneness Jesus, and his apostles, were all ashamed of the [false] Oneness good news that God incarnated himself. Imagine if God had incarnated himself and revealed himself to you and you were Moses; what would you do?

When God presented himself to Moses at the burning bush in Exodus 3, He told Moses exactly who…

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