Christian Monotheist


Stop and listen!

We have some spectacularly good news for you and your family. Some time in the future, Jesus of Nazareth is going to become the world’s first successful super-ruler. He will totally reorganize human society, and produce the peace on earth which we all want.

Under Jesus’ government, there will be no more wars, no more famine; no more murder, rape or theft; no more alcoholism and depression; no more divorce, and no more poverty.

Does this sound too good to be true? God, the Creator of all things, has personally promised that a Golden Age for all mankind will come. He has been promising it since He first placed man on our earth. The arrival of that era of glorious peace and prosperity is guaranteed.

What you have just been told is the heart of the Christian Gospel. Very probably you have not heard it before.

Nearly 2,000 years ago, Jesus came to announce the dramatically important good news concerning the future divine government on earth. He is coming back to take up his office as world super-ruler — and he is now recruiting men and women to assist him in the administration of his coming Kingdom. He wants you to be a ruler in that Kingdom.

What a tragedy if you were to allow this greatest of all career opportunities to pass you by. You can so easily neglect the information you have just been given. But don’t do it. Do yourself and your family a favour. Check up on the facts. We might just have given you the greatest piece of Truth you have ever heard!

There was a time when we did not know that Jesus wants to train men and women now for positions in the world government of the coming New Age on earth. When we found out, our lives were radically changed. We want to share with you what we have discovered about the Christian Gospel — the Good News about God’s coming world government.

Contact us so that we may point you to the source of our information. You will then be able to find out for yourself that what we have been saying is true.

Don’t delay. Don’t brush us aside. Remember, God wants you to help administer a world government with His Son Jesus, when he comes back.

There could be no greater honour. It is high time for you to be preparing, with God’s help, for that position of responsibility. Your training will entail tests and trials to ensure that your character and integrity are beyond suspicion. God does not intend to allow corrupt rulership to continue anywhere on earth once His Son comes into office.

Act now! Find out more about the Christian Good News. Peace is coming. And you can help to bring it about.