Christian Monotheist

Dale Tuggy vs. Michael Brown Debate: Is the God of the Bible the Father Alone?

The length of the debate is 2hr45mins

Dale Tuggy’s Opening Statement

  • The Father is the only God (1 Cor 8.6; John 8.54)
  • Jesus is not God but messiah, God’s agent (1 Tim 2.5)

Compare 2 hypotheses in light of 6 indisputable facts
1. NT believe Father is one God alone
2. NT believes one God is the Trinity

6 Indisputable Facts

  1. All 4 Gospels feature a “mere man” compatible main thesis
    • John 20.31 -> that’s it? nothing about Jesus being God
  2. The word God nearly always refers to the Father and no word refers to the Trinity
    • they should sometimes use the word God to refer to the Trinity
      but they never do
    • in the NT God is nearly always the Father
    • no more than 8 texts where the term God refers to the Son
    • a human can be referred to with the title God
    • Jesus makes that point in Psalm 82
  3. Only the Father and Jesus are worshiped
    • no worship of the Trinity
    • no worship of all 3 persons -> no spirit!
    • Phil 2.11 says that Jesus’ worship is indirectly to God
    • by worshiping Jesus we worship the creator
  4. That God is triune or tripersonal is never clearly asserted in the NT
    • poor Jewish theology is always assumed
    • Jesus never gets around to telling us that God is 3 persons in 1 essence
  5. No controversy about the Trinity in the NT
    • Trinity theories always engender controversy
    • the NT controversies are over whether Jesus is messiah and whether non-Jews can be saved apart from Torah observance
  6. No NT author lifts a finger to limit or qualify clear implications of the son’s limitations
    • Jesus got his mission, authority, message, power, from God
    • no author shows any embarrassment that Jesus is subordinate

Jesus is a real human man

  • with a real human mother
  • but with God as his father
  • he was brought into existence in the womb

the one God is eternal

  • why aren’t the NT authors at all concerned to exert the eternal existence of the son
  • will grant pre-existence but not eternality for purposes of this debate