Christian Monotheist

Mars Hill by David Loeser

I remember wrestling with the Lord over what he was showing me about himself through the scripture but the moment I surrendered, what a great peace that came over me. I remember crying out to the Lord and I felt this overwhelming unction to write and as I did God began to speak. Many may not see or may never see but I know without a doubt I heard him speak to me.

Here is what I wrote and He answered my hearts cry!

Mars Hill

I was standing there on Mars Hill
Worshipping a God I knew was real,
He had a name I did not know
Until His Son began to Show.

When I first saw Him I knew He was three,
Well, did I, or is this what man said to me,
As I looked at His Word this had to be wrong,
God Had been saying He was One all along.

So as I searched, it was not three but one,
Then I began to see that One sent His Son,
His name was Jesus, so that’s Gods name I see,
Well, did I, or is this what man said to me.

God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob reveal unto me,
Who you are so that way I can see,
Man says one that is three or two that’s the same,
Am I crazy, I feel like I’m Going insane.

Calm down my son, soon you will see,
Look at what’s written and you will know me.

Yes Father, I believe that it’s true,
Open my eyes so I can see you.

Look at Jesus.

I did, but He is your Son.

Yes, and He tells you that I am the One,
He is not me, but the One whom I said,
Will be the judge of the quick and the dead,
Look at Him trust Him, because His Word is true,
He does nothing of himself, but what I showed him to do.
Now you follow Him and give worship to me,
And you will be what I’ve created you to be,
Speak life to the world from the Words that I spoke,
Don’t be afraid of Man because they’ve seen what I wrote.
I love you my son, I’ve put my peace deep within,
To guide you where I’ve said when you don’t understand,
Trust me, Trust my Son, which you become one,
In us by My Spirit, My will be done.