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New Book — Emlyn’s An Humble Inquiry

An Humble Inquiry into the Scripture-Account of Jesus Christ: A Short Argument concerning His Deity and Glory according to the Gospel

Buried Deep

Thomas Emlyn’sAn Humble Inquiry into the Scripture-Account of Jesus Christ (Theophilus Press, 2021)


Excited to announce a new book, and the first publication of the new Theophilus Press imprint: an updated, critical edition of Thomas Emlyn’s An Humble Inquiry, complete with notes by Dr. Dale Tuggy and myself, and a historical introduction I’ve authored providing the context and inspiring story behind the text.

In 1702 the English Presbyterian minister and theologian Thomas Emlyn wrote this succinct and erudite argument for the subordination of Jesus Christ to God the Father. Because of his unitarian understanding of biblical christology and theology he was expelled by his denomination, and in 1703 he was tried for blasphemy by the state. Sentenced to prison and deprived of his wealth, Emlyn’s persecution by both the state and his fellow Protestants became an exemplar of the need for religious tolerance.

This new Updated Edition makes…

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