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“Jesus had to be God to atone for our sins.”

“Jesus had to be God to atone for our sins.” Really?

Got a Scripture for that?

Many people have said to me the last months that Jesus had to be God to atone for our sins. My challenge is to show me Scriptures that say so. If such a claim is true, it should be explained in the Scripture from front to back, from one side to the other. If there is no Scripture that says that, then we should rethink our theology before making such a claim. Perhaps that claim is a creation of the human mind (satanically inspired?). The claim in effect is telling God the conditions under which we will accept Him and His Messiah. It is telling God, “I won’t accept you unless You die”.

But we shouldn’t tell our Maker what He must do. Israel tried that numerous times. It never worked (e.g., Isaiah 45:9-10). We don’t make the rules for the forgiveness of sin, atonement, or for any of our relationship with God. God tells us what is necessary. God said to man “You will die”. Satan chimes in and says “Man, you won’t die.” Man thinks and says, “I (my real self, my spirit) won’t die, but God, you must die”.

God has told us that the death of the human Servant Messiah descended from David, Jesus, is sufficient for atonement for sin.
But we want to tell God, “No, I won’t accept the death and resurrection of your human Messiah. That’s not enough. God, You must die.

Other Trinitarians say, “No, God didn’t die, only the human Jesus died”. But the Trinitarian’s “two-natured” Jesus, who supposedly was both “fully God and fully man”, brings no redemption because the God-nature, being immortal by definition, did not die. The Bible says we have been reconciled to God by the death of his Son (Romans 5: 10). Either the Son of God died and we have redemption, or “God the Son” did not die (just his human nature!?) and we are yet in our sins!

The falsity of this Trinitarian claim is detected by a little cross-examination. The Trinitarian says that Jesus had to be God to atone for mankind’s sin. But then it is claimed that God didn’t die, only the human Jesus died. The very thing the Trinitarian claims was necessary for the forgiveness of sin, didn’t happen.

That Trinitarians can’t agree on such a critical question as “Did God die?” is evidence that they have a misconceived idea of who God is. They are not thinking biblically.

-Bill Schlegel-

Blessings everyone