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Date vs. Tuggy: Church History and the Protestant Case for ‘Orthodox’ Christology

Conclusion in regards to the Dale Tuggy/Chris Date Debate.

Buried Deep

A few weeks ago (Friday, May 31st) I had the honor of being invited to Pine Grove Bible Church in Minneapolis to moderate a very important public debate on Christology.

Dr. Dale Tuggy and Mr. Chris Date met to debate the proposition that “The New Testament Jesus is human and not divine,” with Tuggy arguing for the affirmative, and Date the reverse.

Debate bannerThe event was organized by Kingdom of God Ministry and Missions, and supported by a variety of sponsors including Restoration Fellowship, 21st Century Reformation, The Minnesota Missionary Society, and House Light Ministries.  Icthus Publications will also be publishing a two-views book later this year based on this debate which will allow Tuggy and Date the much-needed space for expansion on this immense topic.  Very much looking forward to that publication.

As for the debate itself, Dr. Tuggy and Mr. Date both spent…

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