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“I Am Not Alone” – Tom Raddatz


“It seems like Trinitarians and Oneness believers are so busy refuting one another’s theology that they have difficulty seeing the answer to their disputes lies in the fact that BOTH SIDES cling to unbiblical concepts” Andrew Denny

At last! A book written to address the ‘Oneness’ misconception regarding who Jesus is. Although Scripture is clear, that GOD is ONE Person
Deut.6.4 Mark12.28-32 and as such the doctrine of the trinity is untenable; history shows that sadly there were those beginning with the likes of Noetus, Praxeas, and Sabellius, who concocted an equally erroneous doctrine maintaining no distinction between the Father and the Son;
hence modern day Oneness doctrine.

GOD in His grace has opened the eyes of the author,
an Ex-Oneness Advocate. Who has now meticulously addressed the errors of his former doctrine by using Scripture alone and in actually believing what Jesus had to say! That is, believing the words of Jesus regarding himself.

This book is therefore for Truthseekers who dare to know the truth of whether they are indeed Apostolic in light of the words of GOD & His Son.
1 John 2.24
Caveat Lector

It is time for truth! This book needs to be read:

PowerPoint Introduction: iana_intro.pdf