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Son of God (Part 3)

The ‘Son Of God’ in the gospel of John.

Let the Truth Come Out

Category 5 – Jesus Himself

Now we will examine those passages in the gospels where Jesus refers to himself as Son of Godor as the Son. It is surprising to find that there are only three occurrences (if we exclude parallel passages), in the synoptic gospels, of Jesus’ use of this title. But this is because Jesus’ favorite self designation is Son of Manrather than Son of God. There are 11 examples in the gospel of John; in 10 of these Jesus calls himself ‘theSon‘, and once the ‘son of God’. Our purpose, once again, is to see if Jesus’ usage of this title requires the traditional or ‘orthodox’ understanding, i.e. that of a pre-existent metaphysical being, an eternally begotten, second person within the Godhead; or will his usage comport with the Hebraic concept found in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Matthew 11:27 (Luke…

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