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Theological Metamorphosis

Theological Metamorphosis by Bentley C.F. Chan


Theological Metamorphosis 2nd Edition

  • This paper, presented at the 2015 Atlanta Theological Conference, consists of two parts.
  • In Part One, I explain the “theological metamorphosis” of Christian Disciples Church which took place around 2005 when we en masse, as a whole church spanning three continents, abandoned our longstanding belief in trinitarianism. In so doing, we were moving towards what is appropriately called “biblical monotheism,” in which no one but the Father of Jesus Christ is true God. A Bible verse that impelled us in this direction was John 17:3 in which Jesus declares that his Father is “the only true God”.
  • In Part Two, the longer of the two parts, we re-evaluate the deity of Jesus Christ in John’s Gospel. The sole authority for our study will be the Scriptures, the inspired Word of God. There will be no further mention of our church.

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