Christian Monotheist

The truth about the Father and Son

Biblical Christianity and Judaism
are Monotheistic religions

Sh’ma Yisra’eil Adonai Eloheinu Adonai echad. (Hear, Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One) “Hear, Israel: YHWH is our God. YHWH is ONE.” (Deu 6:4 )

What did Jesus believe about God (Yahweh)?

Jesus himself repeated the Sh’ma

Jesus believed and worshipped a God, therefore he is not God himself

Jesus feared and trusted in his God

Jesus prayed to God like us. He depended on God – therefore he is not God

Reflect | Examine | Re- Examine

1. If Jesus is ‘I am’ and the ‘Everlasting Father’ as they interpret, then who does he pray to?
2. Why does he pray if he is fully God? Why does he require help from other persons of the trinity?
3. Does he still pray every night in heaven to the other persons of the trinity?
4. Why does he not pray to the third person of the Trinity and only the 1st person?
5. If Jesus is the ONE God and ONLY God then why does he need to appeal to the other persons of the trinity?
6. Does Jesus pray to the trinity or the Father?
7. Was one part of Jesus praying and the other part of Jesus supplying the answers?
8. Did the human Jesus at times not know that he was in control of the universe? Or did he loose control during the days of his flesh?
9. Does he have to pray a whole night like a human if he was fully divine?
10. Obviously he was eager to pray at morning, at night and live a prayerful life. Were these requests genuine or to make a show?
11. Trinitarians say, he does miracles you say he was in control, but when he prays he was not in control – Is this possible?
12. Clearly, Jesus had not read the Nicean documents and creeds to know he was FULL God?
Jesus did not pray to the fully divine Jesus but to his God the Father!
The trinitarian interpretation is completely illogical, contrary to Jesus’ teachings and actions. The truth is not found in trinitarian interpretation! Hypostatic union is a lame excuse to coverup the obvious faults in the Trinitarian belief. One fault leads to more faults.
“Put everything to the test. Accept what is good” (CEV 1 Thessalonians 5:21)
God and Jesus are not equal.

God is the Father and greater than the son whom he begot/created through Mary.

Jesus denied he was God. Jesus claimed he was a man. Jesus gave glory to God!

Jesus the misunderstood prophet of God. The scriptures foretold that Jesus would be a MAN like Moses

Prophets before Jesus could also do miracles and were sent to represent God

Do not be confused when men do miracles in God’s name or power.

Worshipping Men

Most Christians misunderstand Jesus. The power and authority Jesus had was given to him by his God!

It should be obvious by now why the bible does not use the word Trinity? Reject the trinity and embrace the truth! There is only ONE GOD – the Father. Jesus was ‘made Lord’ by his God and Father.

Understanding Biblical One: 1=1
Do you see three?

Believe in Jesus. He never claimed to be God. He was spiritually one with the Father and was the son of God. Jesus never tried to be equal with God (like Adam and Eve once tried through the temptation of the serpent).

Do not listen to the serpent: “for God knows that in the day you eat it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God” (Gen 3:5)

Since Jesus was a man, he died like other men. The great victory was that God raised him to eternal life.

Jesus confessed of limitations and therefore it was impossible for him to be God

Only the Father is the source of Eternal life.

The son obtained eternal life as we also hope to have one day. The son himself confessed to this obvious truth.

Don’t believe the lies they teach. Trinity, Hypostatic union, God the son, etc phrases are post apostolic inventions of ignorant Greek/Roman Christians

Beware of Greek/Roman scribes who have changed scriptures with their lies

(Falsified proof texts)

Jesus spoke of spiritual oneness and not literal oneness.

Claim: Jesus’ teachings were his own:

Jesus disagrees: ‘My teaching is not mine, but his who sent me.’ Joh 7:16

Claim: Jesus is equal to the Father

Jesus disagrees: ’The Father is greater than I.’ Joh 14:28

Claim: Jesus does miracles and works of his own because he is fully God

Jesus disagrees: ’the Son can do nothing of his own accord,’ Joh 5:19

Claim: Jesus is immortal and has divine attributes

Jesus disagrees: ’For as the Father has life in himself, so he has GRANTED the Son also to have life in himself.’ Joh 5:26

Understanding Immanuel

The scriptures point to the fact that Jesus has a God, Therefore he is not God.

All these references are after Jesus was resurrected.

This is what the apostles believed and preached.

The song of Jesus & Moses (the great prophets of God) to the Almighty God

An examination of the life of Jesus as witnessed by the gospels show us that he was born, he lived, & he trusted his God. He was a great prophet and the son of God who was murdered and died!

He was brought back to life by God and has become the saviour of the world

Why is Jesus our Lord and Saviour?

Jesus was appointed by God to show us the way to righteous living and to save us from death.

When you believe in the words of the prophet, you are actually believing in God, because the prophet delivers the word of God

Seek the True God of Christ