Christian Monotheist

Jesus is the Messiah lord & YHVH’s Messiah

Jesus is the Messiah lord (Luke 2:11) & in Luke 2:26 Jesus is YHVH’s Messiah.

Luke never wants us to confuse the two.

Ps 110:1, which Jesus quoted to settle all issues in Mark 12:35ff., defines the exact relationship of the One God of Israel to Jesus the Messiah, Son of God. The relationship is: GOD for Jesus is a superelevated MAN.

Never, ever, GOD and GOD!

The Shema remains in tact always.

Ps 110:1 is the massively important text which defines YHVH as addressing “my lord” = A’DONI, which is never in all 195 occs. a ref to Deity.

Peter makes our point exactly with the same Ps. 110:1 in Acts 2:34-36.

Paul makes exactly the same point by first affirming the Shema, “there is one God, the Father” (1Cor 8.4-6) & Jesus says “no other God but HE”, Mark 12:29-32. Then Paul puts alongside the One God, the Messiah lord, who is not a 2nd GOD, which would shatter the first & great commandment..

Paul and Jesus give us GOD and exalted Man. Thus, exactly 1Tim 2.5: “One God and one Man Messiah.”

Jesus in his own Aramaic is “our lord” as in “our lord, come” –Maranatha—our lord, can never mean “our YHVH,” which is a linguistic impossibility.

This is not difficult.